Lisa Skinner - PWTRTruth, Lies & Alzheimers: The Podcast with Lisa Skinner

The purpose of Lisa’s show, Truth, Lies, & Alzheimer’s, is to talk about every aspect of Alzheimer’s disease… which will include the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Her goal is to get to the truths, dispel the lies and myths, and unveil the secret faces of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia in order to understand what it’s truly like to live with a brain disease.

Lisa will “zoom outside” the paradigm that living with dementia is exclusively a memory loss condition and shift peoples’ understanding of just how dramatically these brain diseases impact the lives of those who have it, as well as how it impacts the lives of their caregivers and family members, and, for that matter, anybody who is involved in the life of a person living with dementia.

Lisa became a behavior specialist with an expertise in Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, and she is also a certified dementia care trainer through the Alzheimer’s Association. She spent nearly 30 years working in the eldercare industry, counseling families and training caregivers on how to best live with this disease so they could focus on what really matters, which is spending quality time with their loved ones.

Lisa has also authored several books and a training program on the subject, and believe it or not, has watched 8 of her own family members fall prey to one of the brain diseases that cause dementia.

There are so many aspects of living with dementia that are unexpected and can surface out of nowhere, at any time. Lisa calls these the hidden, or secret faces of dementia. And, as many of you know, they show up unannounced and are completely unpredictable.

Knowledge is power! So, Lisa is dedicated to arm you with that knowledge, so, you, too will have the power to negotiate the many challenges you will face having a loved one or caring for someone with dementia.

One of the core principles that Lisa teaches is called “Person-Centered Care”, which focuses on each individual as they are experiencing living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia as opposed to focusing exclusively on the disease.

Because each individual person will experience the disease differently, it is important to adjust your care and communication strategies to each individual. This will enable you to create a care and communication PLAN that is customized to the needs of each person as they progress through the different stages of the disease in a way that is effective and compassionate.

Each week, Lisa will discuss real, day to day situations that can provide you with helpful tools and strategies to navigate the many challenges that accompany Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, as well as offer you a better understanding of why these challenges occur. These life lessons will enable you to be prepared for most everything that you might encounter on your path along this journey.

Listen to “Truth Lies & Alzheimer’s – The Podcast” on Spreaker.


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