Gilded Secrets Unveiled: A Mystery Saga


Betsy welcomes Cecelia Tichi on her show today. Cecelia is not just an award-winning author and writer but also an  Emeritus Vanderbilt Professor, Former President of the American Studies Association, and the distinguished recipient of the Jay B. Hubbell Medal for Lifetime Achievement in American Literature.

During their conversation, Cecelia delved into the fascinating world of her latest work, “A Gilded Drowning Pool,” the fifth installment in the Quintet Mystery Crime Fiction Novels “Gilded” Series. What intrigued Betsy most was discovering how she developed her interest in the “Gilded” Era, the historical backdrop that sets the stage for her gripping narratives. Cecelia shared the intricacies of creating the central characters, Valentine Mackle DeVere and Roderick W. DeVere. Their backgrounds, motivations, and complexities came to life in her words, giving me a deeper understanding of the depth of her creative process.

Cecelia emphasized the delicate balance of providing enough historical context to immerse readers in the era without overwhelming them with information. Betsy found herself nodding along as they explored the challenges and rewards of the creative writing process. Cecelia’s insights into the meticulous research and dedication required to craft a compelling story left me with a newfound appreciation for the artistry of writers.

As Betsy was reading “A Gilded Drowning Pool,” She couldn’t help but feel as if I were in the room with Val and Rod DeVere, a testament to Cecelia’s ability to transport her readers into the heart of her narratives.

Betsy highly recommends checking out Cecelia Tichi’s website. There, you’ll find detailed information about Cecelia and her remarkable body of work. You can also purchase this book on Cecelia’s website

We’re providing the audio interview on this blog featuring Betsy and Cecelia discussing quintessential crime mysteries:

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