Guest Co-Host Position Open with Lillian Cauldwell!


Announcement: Join Lillian Cauldwell as a Guest Host on “Lest We Forget Historical”

We’re extending an invitation to individuals passionate about history or those keen on discussing current events to join Lillian Cauldwell as a guest host for the “Lest We Forget Historical” series. Whether you’re a history buff or someone with insights into current affairs, our engaging listening audience is eager to hear your perspective.

For those unfamiliar with the series, “Lest We Forget” is a 30-60-minute video program on Passionate World Talk Radio Network, featuring hosts Lisa Skinner, Betsy Wurzel, and Lillian Cauldwell. The show delves into historical events that may have faded from our present generation’s memory, emphasizing the importance of understanding our country’s history. While the focus is on historical perspectives, there may be instances where current events are discussed.

It’s worth noting that Lisa Skinner and Betsy Wurzel, the previous hosts, have moved on due to other commitments, leaving an opportunity for individuals who share a passion for history and insightful discussions.

The podcast is designed as a platform for hosts to share their views on the world, religion, and historical matters. Every opinion is valued, creating an open space for expressing thoughts on past occurrences and contemplating actions to prevent history from fading away or being overlooked. After each episode, a call to action or an Action Plan is provided for listeners genuinely interested in making a difference and becoming more actively involved.

Disclaimer: Passionate World Talk Radio disclaims responsibility for the views expressed in this program. On-air disagreements will not be tolerated, as the goal is to find collaborative ways to improve ourselves collectively. Join us in preserving and learning from the lessons of history on “Lest We Forget Historical.”

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