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This interview today concerns Sexual Abuse and young children.  I hope you will take some time to either listen to audio or watch the interview via Video.  Either way, please listen and you will find ways to protect a young child. Lillian Cauldwell Interviewed Theresa Bowe, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Author of My Mommy’s Boyfriend, and from there created the  “Don’t Touch Me Movement”. Theresa at the age of 12 was sexually abused and she had never […]

Holly Brown speaks with Victoria, Cancer Survivor, how Holly Brown and her Team made such an impact on her life and journey with Cancer Treatment on the techniques team provided for Victoria. Victoria was Holly’s first client at Looking and Feeling Fab. This was the beginning of this non-profit helping the many individuals who may need help with issues with their skin. Victoria speaks very candidly on her cancer treatment.  Victoria heard Holly Brown speak […]

SKIN ISSUES FROM CANCER TREATMENT CAN BE LIFE ALTERING AND DEBILITATING. Holly Brown has teamed up with Jeanne White and Passionate World Talk Radio and created a support series for the after-effects for many types of cancer treatment and how Holly and her team will help you. Today’s show is with Holly Brown and Kristine Thayer (Breast Cancer Survivor)   Kristine talks about the treatment and support she received from Holly Brown and her team. Kristine […]

    Lillian Cauldwell Interviews John Hartig, What a conservation group did with the waterfront property in Detroit, MI. “Waterfront Porch: Reclaiming Detroit’s industrial waterfront as a gathering place for all.” Amazing how you can make a difference and shows nothing is impossible to do! Detroit was the epicenter of the fur trade era, an unparalleled leader of shipbuilding for one hundred years, the Silicon Valley of the industrial age, and the unquestioned leader of […]

In this series episode, Mrs. Berrah speaks about “Why are people isolating themselves with technology? This series is based on a book that was written by her husband  Dr. Ghoulem Berrah: Our Common Faith: “In Pursuit of Happiness!” For more information on Dr. Ghoulem Berrah Foundation Click Here  To watch this video with Mrs. Berrah  Click Here You can follow this series with the book called Our Common Faith. You can purchase this book on […]

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