Guilt mothers feel when doctors blame them

Today’s guests are Sandy  Hartranft who is Ben Hartranft’s mom, a Certified  Diabetes Care and Education Specialist, Author, and  Writer of “Swinging From The Chandelier: Finding Joy In The Journey Through Autism”, which is a memoir taken from many journals! Ben Hartranft is a 25-year-old man who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2.

Ben is an amazing fierce advocate and public speaker for Autism  Awareness and research!  Both Ben and Sandy started  BEnergy1 Presentations. Ben is the CEO, President, and Chairman of BENERGY1 Presentations!

Sandy discusses the book she wrote and how she came up with the title, the many challenges of dealing with Autism, doctors and the school system, and the guilt mothers feel when doctors blame us for our children ‘s diagnosis!  The discussion when on to how important support groups are!

Ben was on Ellen DeGeneres’s Show, The Price is Right, and works part-time for the Philadelphia  Eagles Game Day Staff. Ben discusses how he became a guest on Ellen DeGeneres’s Show in 2018, his advocacy, and how he became involved with the Philadelphia Eagles!  Ben had the extraordinary opportunity to carry the Lombardi Trophy to start the ring ceremony for the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia  Eagles. Ben also discusses the awesome  Autism Advocacy that the Philadelphia  Eagles does.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Sandy Hartranft on Autism Awareness:

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