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On this 23rd episode, Jackie welcomes English medium and psychic Christian Atkins. Christian became a practicing medium 9 years ago, serving churches, and centres and providing one-to-one sittings. His mission is to help those suffering the heartache of bereavement, having had the tragic trauma of losing 3 children himself, one of whom he delivered. Christian currently also works in education and earlier in social work. He is from Ainsdale in the northwest of England. Christian meditates to cultivate and develop the spiritual gifts of precognition and mediumship, and he sees, hears, and senses spirit people and animals and plans to develop his psychic art abilities in the future.

While talking about his mediumistic work, during the interview, Christian mentioned he saw turquoise in my aura, he interpreted the meaning of the color to him. He saw a spirit duck with her spirit ducklings, walk through my countryside office and predicted my anticipated house move! I found it sad that the mother duck must have lost her ducklings at a young age. I wondered if they had all physically died together, such as being run over crossing the road, but thankfully they were all reunited as they passed to the spirit realms of continued existence. I’ve recently seen a duck and her ducklings crossing a busy country road from one field to another and worried for their safety and wondered if they were the same ducks that a speeding, uncaring motorist may have killed!

We are providing an audio interview featuring Jackie and Christian discussing how to support individuals going through bereavement:

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