Betsy had an excellent conversation with Tammy J. Cohen, the author of “Text Messages to My Sons.” Tammy’s inspiration for the book came about during the pandemic, prompting her to reflect on herself and draw motivation from inspiring speakers. Her desire to express love and encouragement to her sons through text messages, as shared in the poignant Chapter 5 on personal development, struck a chord with Betsy, bringing her to tears. Tammy’s openness about vulnerability and the importance of maintaining open communication resonated as she aimed to deepen her connection with her sons during challenging times.

The central theme of the conversation revolved around the power of text messages to brighten someone’s day and foster deeper connections, especially in a world dominated by digital devices. Tammy’s passion for spreading light and love, as well as Betsy’s endorsement that the book is for everyone, underscores the universal appeal of Tammy’s message. The discussion emphasized the significance of using simple text messages to bring back humanity and showcase care, particularly during difficult times, making Tammy’s insights a valuable contribution to fostering positive communication in our interconnected world.

We offer an audio interview featuring Betsy and Tammy, focusing on the importance of keeping communication channels open with our loved ones in our interconnected world.

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