Today’s show Lest We Forget Episode 3 was very informative and interesting with the information Lillian Cauldwell discussed how the Statue of Liberty says one thing but the Immigration policies that America has is a different perspective! Franklin  D. Roosevelt was very concerned about public opinion and knew the majority of Americans didn’t want immigrants coming here to America.  It has been widely studied Adoph Hilter studied American policies and then he adapted them for his use in Europe.

Each host discussed certain topics. For example, Lisa Skinner discussed how Asians weren’t allowed to come to America which eventually changed. The Italians and Jews were not considered white!  Also, most important the Americans had no idea what was going on in Europe because of a lack of communication at that time period. Host Betsy Wurzel spoke about her family history and gave her opinions on why people may resent immigration. Betsy’s maternal grandparents came to America illegally before WWI. The reason they left their homeland was they were removed for being Jewish!
We are providing the Video for this series “Lest We Forget”. Why it took so long for America to enter the War and more.  I am sure you will not believe that all this happened but it did.  I am sure many of your Husbands, Brothers, and Uncles were sent to Europe.  What stories do you have when the world turned black with war and your loved one was in a strange land fighting in WW2?
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