Trauma Surgeon’s Crucial Role in the Trauma Center


Dr. Stephen M. Cohn, a former surgeon in the United States Army Medical Corp during Desert Storm, has an extensive and distinguished career. He served as the Division Chief of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care at Yale University School of Medicine, Director of the Ryder Trauma Center in Miami, and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Texas Health Science Center. Currently practicing in New York City, Dr. Cohn is not only a seasoned practitioner but also an accomplished educator and researcher.

Throughout his career, Dr. Cohn has been recognized with Teacher of the Year awards at Boston University, University of Massachusetts, Yale, and Northwest Health. He has also received a Life Achievement in Education award from the University of Miami Department of Surgery. As an author and writer, Dr. Stephen Cohn penned “ALL BLEEDING STOPS”: LIFE and DEATH in the TRAUMA UNIT, drawing on his over 40 years of experience as a Trauma Surgeon.

In Betsy Wurzel’s recent interview, Dr. Cohn delves into the role of a Trauma Surgeon, emphasizing the rigorous training and education required for success in this field. He highlights the Trauma Surgeon’s pivotal role as the “Quarterback” in the Trauma Center, collaborating with the entire team to achieve the best outcomes for patients. The discussion extends to topics such as burnout, preventive measures for traumas through the enforcement of safety laws (helmets, seatbelts, breath analyzers), and gun safety issues.

The interview provides valuable insights into Dr. Cohn’s experiences, addressing how he manages the balance between family life and recreational activities to destress. The conversation explores the personality traits essential for a Trauma Surgeon and touches on the looming shortage of trained and experienced doctors across various medical specialties.

For individuals fascinated by the realm of Trauma Surgery, the interview and Dr. Cohn’s book present a compelling viewpoint, cultivating a greater understanding and admiration for the committed professionals who operate in Trauma Centers.

You can access the audio interview to hear Betsy and Dr. Cohn’s conversation about the responsibilities of a Trauma Surgeon here:

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