Introducing a New Service for Authors

The World In Your Hands!

Passionate World Talk Radio is Proud to Launch a New Service called

The Virtual Author Book Signing (c) PWTR 2018

The Virtual Author Book Signing (c) PWTR 2018 Live via Facebook or YouTube.

You’re probably asking What Is a Virtual Author Book Signing? (c) PWTR 2018

I can tell you what it isn’t!

– You don’t have to buy a round trip airline ticket, bus ticket, train ticket, or drive to your destination.
– You don’t have to make reservations for a hotel, motel, bed & breakfast, or visit your in-laws.
– You don’t have to use a rental car, a taxi, a bus, tram, trolley, or any type of transportation one uses in the city, suburbs, or countryside.
– You don’t have to wake up early in the morning and rush out the door.
– You don’t have to sit for one to two to three to four hours waiting for people to buy your book and then ask you to sign it.


You don’t have to do anything.

What is a Virtual Author Book Signing?(c)PWTR 20018

It is:

– the experience of staying in one spot during the entire book signing.
– the relaxation in between pauses when you receive text messages or chat messages or phone messages.
– It’s the ability to present yourself in front of a webcam wearing a headphone with a microphone, or a headphone with a separate microphone.
– It’s the ability to sit in your living room, den, study, or wherever you’re comfortable and enjoy the experience.
– A Virtual Author Book Signing is All of the above plus what Passionate World Talk Radio offers for a reasonable fee.

It includes:

a) Press Releases
b) Invitation to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other friends. The Author provides the lists with name and email.
c) Electronic signature
d) 10-minute interview
e) Text messages via PWTR’s cell phone for questions
f) Snail mail for authenticated Author’s signature with a blurb. Individual provides name and snail mail address. (Postage provided by individual)
g) Exposure on All social media sites
h) Transcript Upon Request-fee to be determined
i) Video stream
j) iTunes (Upon Request-fee to be determined)
k) Read 1st 3 chapters of book

Passionate World Talk Radio 1st Virtual Author Book Signing (c) PWTR 2018
Contact Lillian Cauldwell to setup Interview. Contact Lillian Cauldwell at

August 13, Monday @ 3 p.m. with Pamela Whitt-Motivate Mom

Our 2nd one is

August 16, Thursday @ 4 p.m. with Kate Walsh

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