Jackie welcomes medium Neil Payne to the Show. Neil trained earlier in life in hotel management and as a chef. Neil has worked as a carer for 30 years in Care homes alongside his mediumistic work, offering private sittings and seminars in the UK with medium Karen Wood. Fearing his mother was being brainwashed that spirit existed by a local spiritualist church Neil went with his mum to the spiritualist church to find out more. To Neil’s surprise, Neil’s grandmother in spirit came through the medium and he saw his grandmother 4 days after her passing! Neil became convinced that life continues after physical death!

Jackie mentioned, grieving, how she went to her local Spiritualist Church on the evening her dog had passed to
spirit to check she had arrived in the spirit realm and was alright. The medium I had never met
before or since told me there is a Jack Russell sitting at your feet, and that there is something unusual about the name Jack, that every time I cry my dog cries and I think it disloyal to adopt another dog, yet it is my duty to! The medium said if I can give another loving home to another animal, then it is my duty to do so! As my name is Jackie, I called my first Jack Russell, JAC, a little girl, called JAC, without the ‘K’! The next day I visited a local animal sanctuary and adopted Sioux my next Jack Russell Daughter. Jack had heart tablets and passed away many years later, from cancer, at 13years old. Sioux passed at age 16, seven months after cancer had been successfully removed from her spleen, allowing her to enjoy her holiday with us and Edward the dog, in France!

Neil spoke of the range of spirit birds and animals he has seen, heard, and sensed. He shared with listeners the occasion he heard the name Peter being called, simultaneously, he could see a goldfish, realizing this is Peter, the goldfish! He gave this message to a girl in the Spiritualist Church, saying her grandmother in spirit is bringing the fish back with her to show Peter is alright. Jokingly, Neil said it seemed to mean more to the girl that Peter the goldfish was thriving in the spirit realm than her grandmother! Neil spoke of the spirit dog telling the dog’s human parent he should not feel bad at all about adopting a new dog.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Jackie and Neil for mediumistic work and life after death:

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