Jackie Jones-Hunt on PassionateWorldTalkRadioAs a new host, hosting my Jackie’s Proof Animals have Souls & Psychic Show produced through Passionate World Talk Radio, a subsidiary of Global Media Network, Episode #2

I gave a little more summary information on myself. I explained the fact that I have had personal psychic and mediumistic experiences since a child & gave some information about my psychical research and academic background. I explained I am a psychic, psychical researcher, author of 3 books to date, spiritual historian, lecturer, and decades-long vegetarian for compassionate reasons. I added I am passionate about compassion and respect for all animals including the human animal, and my long-standing research into shamanic, out-of-body, near-death experiences, and mediumship.

I mentioned the phenomenal experience of watching a young man materialize at the Arthur Findlay College, England, produced from ectoplasm emanating from the famous evidential, clairvoyant, clairaudient, trance, and physical phenomena medium, Gordon Higginson. Over many years, visiting Arthur Findlay College, Gordon became a spiritual father to me. The AFC is a magnificent mansion bequeathed to the public by the author on mediumship, Arthur Findlay. This Stansted home became a college for the investigation into and development of mediumship. I mentioned I offer Psychic Readings, have seen auric energy orbs of human and animal spirit visitors, and receive heart-breaking, telepathically communicated poems from the souls of spirit animals.

I gave the titles of my 3 Paperback & Ebooks on Amazon, Moses & Jesus the  Shamans, & My Proof Animal Have Souls Series, two in that series being Proof Animals Have Souls & 500 + Celebrities: Go Vegetarian.  From my website, click on my books, taking you to the Amazon links.

I invited listeners to provide me with their psychic and mediumistic accounts including those concerning orbs, spirit people, and spirit animals, for future discussions.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Jackie Jone-Hunt on the continuing beginning of this new show with Jackie:

Contact Information:
Jackie Jones-Hunt
Website:  www.jackiejoneshunt.com
Email: jackiejoneshunt@gmail.com

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