Her Husband Matt and the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s



This is an anniversary show in which Betsy discussed how she met Jeanne White, Station Manager of PWTRN.  Betsy was a guest on Jeanne’s show and talked about her Husband Matt and the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.  Betsy then took to her car to bring awareness to how painful it was for a caregiver to watch the devastation of how this disease destroyed their loved one.  Betsy became a regular on Jeanne’s show then was asked to be a Host on PWTRN and given her own show, Chatting with Betsy. Betsy said she was so grateful that she met Jeanne White who changed the direction of her life!

You will hear in-depth the journey Betsy had as a caregiver, became a resource for many, and changed her life forever. Betsy discussed what Chatting with Betsy Show is about, and how she is grateful and blessed to have met so many wonderful people doing her show.  Betsy discussed how her shows are different from others because her guests are excellent resources to help people live better lives!

Betsy’s Family Picture:  Betsy, Matt, and their son Josh!

Betsy is grateful to Lillian Cauldwell, CEO of PWTRN  for a wonderful opportunity to be a host at PWTR and for getting her out of her comfort zone!  Betsy dedicates this Anniversary Show in memory of her husband, Matthew Sloan who was her inspiration for getting into her car to raise awareness of Alzheimer’s!
Send Anniversary wishes to Betsy Wurzel, she provides the most interesting guests, topics, and resources for all of us. 
 Thank you, Betsy 
Let’s do a Shout Out for Betsy:  Happy Anniversary from the Staff at Passionate World Talk Radio 
Providing the Audio Interview for this amazing individual Betsy Wurzel for being a catalyst in bringing awareness to this terrible disease called Alzheimer’s.

Betsy recording a show in her car
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– Lillian Cauldwell and Jeanne White


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