LEST WE FORGET is a 60-minute video program with Passionate World Talk Radio Network’s hosts: Lisa Skinner, Betsy Wurzel, and Lillian Caudwell. The program addresses those issues in history which happened before, but now seem forgotten by our present generation. We should understand the issues in our country’s history.

The first episode will be about The United States and the Holocaust and each host will discuss it. How and why did the Holocaust happen? This is an opportunity to discuss the Jewish Community and the ongoing issues that plague the Jewish Community today.

The podcast is set up as hosts talk about their world, religion, and historical perspectives. No one opinion is right or wrong.  Everyone involved has the right to express their feelings about what has happened and what needs to be done so that it doesn’t slip away again or be swept under the carpet.  At the end of every episode, we will provide a Call-to-Action or provide an Action Plan for those listeners who genuinely want to make a difference and become involved at a higher scale than what is provided now. To get involved, please Text message 484-364-1032 with your comments, name, and email for us to comment back to you. This is an opportunity to provide comments and perhaps become involved with or speak one-on-one with one of our hosts.
Disclaimer: Passionate World Talk Radio isn’t responsible for the views expressed in this program. Any disagreements on-air will not be tolerated. We want to find ways that we can all work together for ways to become better individuals.
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Our Mantra is and always has been: Educate, Enlighten, and Entertain

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Make it a brilliant day.
– Lillian Cauldwell and Jeanne White
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