Today’s guest is Jodi Kay Benusa an experienced Social Worker with 15 years as an Inpatient Discharge Planner at a Level 2 Hospital, has certifications in care management and advanced care planning facilitation. Jodi is the Founder and Owner of Midwest Geriatric Consulting Services, LLC. Jodi also is the Founder and Creator of the Elderly Care Planning with Midwest Geriatric Consulting Facebook Group.

In this interview Jodi Kay Benusa discusses why she left the hospital setting to start her own business as an Independent Geriatric Consultant, Jodi describes the Elite, Intermediate, and Basic packages that she offers, Jodi also does Consulting and coaching to help caregivers and anyone who needs assistance with planning, placement, and hospice plus a free 30 minute Clarity call. Jodi can assist anyone in the USA!
Jodi and Betsy discuss how important it is to plan ahead of a crisis, the importance of educating yourself, and why it is beneficial to seek assistance for planning for placement and living your best life while aging!
In my opinion,  Jodi is very caring and passionate about her job and helping people!
Betsy wishes she could clone Jodi and wishes she knew about Jodi when Matt was alive!  Jodi offers different seminars at times and is in the process of designing a course, “Aging in Place, not by Default “.
Betsy highly recommends going on the website to see all that Jodi offers and to join Jodi’s Facebook Group!
Jodie will be back Chatting with Betsy sometime this year!
Providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Jodie K. Benusa on Aging:

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