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Today’s guest is  Dr. Jane Tornatore, LMFT therapist since 2005, Speaker, Author, and Writer of “Everything is PERFECT, Just Not  Me!  A Roadmap for Self-Acceptance.

Dr. Jane also discussed the ”committee  ” we all have in our heads, how the practice of gratitude changes our neural pathways, how we should recognize and feel our feelings, and about changing our words which causes us to have stress!
Dr. Jane said, If she was Queen of the world she would ban, Should, Must, Have To, Need, and for Midwesterners, Gotta.  We did an exercise during the interview!
Dr. Jane also discussed her new intuitive course coming up in February. There is a free mini-course available on the website.  Betsy, highly recommends this book, which helped her tremendously. Betsy will be keeping this book in her library so she can refer back to it!
We are providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. Jane Tornatore on self-acceptance and the committee in our heads:
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