Walt, the Environmentalists, and the Ski Resort


Betsy’s show featured Greg Glasgow and Kathryn Mayer, a dynamic duo who have been married since 2017. They’re also the authors of “DISNEYLAND ON THE MOUNTAIN: Walt, the Environmentalists, and the Ski Resort That Never Was.” In their interview, they explore Walt Disney’s struggle to build a ski resort in Mineral King, California, a battle that involved the Sierra Club, politicians, and even the Supreme Court.

The discussion covers Disney’s love for nature, his wildlife documentaries, and the extensive research behind their book. They also touch on how Disney overcame skepticism about his creativity and the remarkable contributions Disney has made to American culture and beyond in celebration of their 100th anniversary in 2023.

“DISNEYLAND ON THE MOUNTAIN” is a highly recommended read, offering insight into the lesser-known aspects of Walt Disney’s life and legacy.

For a wealth of information, Betsy urges you to check out Greg Glasgow and Kathryn Mayer’s website.    Feel free to reach out to Greg and Kathryn; they look forward to connecting with you and value your input!

This interview delves into the fascinating story of Walt Disney and his struggle for Mineral King.

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