In this interview, Judith Johnson discusses why she wrote the book “Making Peace with Death and Dying” and what the reader should take away from reading the book, and the importance of planning for the end of life. Judith also discusses the importance of Power of Attorney, getting a will or trust, Medical  Directive, and the role of Hospice. Both Betsy and Judith also discussed why we must talk about death, dying, and grieving. This may not be a popular subject, but really needs to be discussed so that you will be caught in requiring a Power of Attorney

Judith Johnson, Author of “Making peace with death and dying, “A Practical Guide to Liberating Ourselves From the Death Taboo. Judith Johnson is an Author, Mentor, and workshop leader. Judith Johnson holds doctorates in Social Psychology and Spiritual  Science as well as an MBA. Judith Johnson is also an ordained interfaith minister who is Chaplain at her local hospital and counsels the grieving.

I am sure you must be reading this blog and wonder since you are here now, listen to this interview on a subject that is difficult for many to talk about. Click here to listen…
There is important information that will be of help to you.
Betsy highly recommends this book and to go on Judith Johnson’s website for information on mentoring, workshops, and books.


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