In today’s episode of Lest We Forget, we discussed  Manifest Destiny and Artificial Intelligence.

Lisa Skinner discussed in detail “Manifest Destiny”, the meaning behind it, and how it affected the United States expanding its territories, going to war, slavery, and the treatment of the Native  Americans.

Lillian Cauldwell discussed how Manifest Destiny, Colonialism, and Artificial intelligence will affect our future, and exploring new frontiers such as the moon and Mars with the same mentality will harm us!

Betsy Wurzel gave commentaries on Manifest  Destiny, Artificial Intelligence, and how we need to bring humanity back, stop the hate, and start to love and accept each other.

We are providing the Audio Interview with Lillian, Lisa, and Betsy with information that you will find interesting.  The Blog is a preview of the in-depth discussion you will hear on the audio.

If we don’t learn from our history we will keep making the same mistakes!
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– Lillian Cauldwell and Jeanne White
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