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Today’s Proof Animals Have Souls & Psychic Show produced through Passionate World Talk Radio; a subsidiary of Global Media Network, provided listeners with more information about evidence for life after death for all beings as a fact of nature. Noting it’s ludicrous and impossible to say some beings survive physical death and some others don’t as all beings possess immortal energy which cannot be destroyed but can transmute in the form of death.

Jackie posed the question of where do you draw the line between one being and another noting humans forget they are biologically classified as primates, mammals, and animals. Jackie’s philosophy is most beings are sentient, all feel pain, and it’s not how intelligent a being is, but can the being feel pain? The answer is yes, nerve endings convey pain to the brain!

Through Dr Jackie Jones-Hunt’s personal mediumistic experiences of human and animal, spirits, and during Jackie’s many years of observational psychical research into evidential mediumship she has amassed to her satisfaction a great deal of evidence proving all beings survive physical death as a fact of nature. Jackie thanked, presented, and discussed the passionate contribution of David from England, who asked Jackie to share his views with listeners on animal slaughter, rape rack breeding, caging, and murdering atrocities carried out by humankind on animals throughout their lives making them live in a Hell on earth.

In summary, David said it’s ‘awareness’ that people lack, and if ‘kind’ people simply knew what tragic lives animals live, at the hands of humans, and visited the blood and guts-soaked hellish slaughterhouses themselves, then they would share his vegetarian and vegan views. Jackie welcomed more lively views and mediumistic accounts to be discussed in future shows.

Providing this Interview with Dr. Jackie Jones Hunt on animals and how humans treat them:

Jackie invites listeners to provide her with their psychic and mediumistic accounts including those concerning orbs, spirit people, and spirit animals, for future discussions.

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