News Bulletin: Nurses are still without proper equipment

Sheila Wilson, RN Host of the Whine and Cheese and her panel of Nurses, Elizabeth Dalton RN,  Amy Smith RN, Liz McTomney RN.  The nurse gives an update on the status of equipment. They also discuss how will the chemicals used for the facial mask affect the nurse’s health in the future?  Listen to what is said about the conditions of the mask that they have to wear. Would you wear the mask under these conditions? I don’t think so!

I am probably sounding like a broken record,  but I have to keep telling the conditions for the Nurses on the frontline.  The public needs to get involved.  Yes, there are many things happening simultaneously in our world, but this is just as important for the NURSES that take care of you when you are Ill.  When we go to the hospital we expect the nurse to be there to help take care of us.  Well, if the Nurses are not protected during this CORVID-19 who do you think will be at the hospital to take care of you?  I bet you said the Nurses.  What if they are not there, what is going to happen? You need to get involved and help the Nurses.  Call your local hospitals and speak to someone in charge to find out how the nurses are being protected.  They are always there for you, now you have to be there for the Nurses. Your news stations only tell you what they want you to hear and not the full truth.

The nurses speak very candidly on the conditions they are working in and little support.  Listen to this candid interview on what is happening to the Nurses on the frontlines.

If you have any questions or comments for the Nurses, send them to Sheila Wilson and she will be sure the nurses receive them.  Sheila Wilson

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Please join Elizabeth Dalton with Heal the Healer Facebook,  and be part of the solution. Help for the solutions for Nurses in the journey to get to a  better place.  To join this group in the movement to help your fellow workers in Health Care.  Please click here 

Massachusetts Nurses Association also provides  programs for Selfcare, please check out the programs that are available –

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We can never thank these nurses and all the medical community for what they are doing to help us all.

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