Sheila Wilson, the Host of Whine and Cheese Guest this week is Elizabeth Dalton, RN,  Amy Smith, RN.  Both Elizabeth and Amy talk about the issues in hospitals in what and how the Nurses are handling the Administrator’s demands and trying to keep their patients safe.  This is an ongoing issue that does not have any solutions for the Nurses. To listen to this very informative interview on what is the latest News for the  […]

Sheila Wilson, RN Host of Whine and Cheese and Beckett Agrut and Amy Smith, continue on the updating of COVID and how it is affecting the Nurse that working on the Front lines with little support from the various Hospitals. What is going to take to get the protection the Nurses so desperately need. The Nurses are protecting and caring for their patients.  So we ask again, who is protecting the Nurses. Join in and […]

Sheila Wilson Host of Whine and Cheese and  Sheila is joined by the following, Beckett Aguat, RN, Elizabeth Dalton, RN, Joanne Farnham, RN, Liz McTomney, RN, Holly Brown, Executive Director and Founder of Looking and Feeling Fab. The shows we have been providing information on the lack of Protection for the Nurses, and other front line workers in the hospital.  One Nurse discusses how dangerous it is getting in the hospital she works at.  In […]

Sheila Wilson Host of the Whine and Cheese Show will be talking with Amy Smith, RN, and Holly Brown, Founder of her non-profit Look and Feel Fab.  Listen to Amy discuss what has changed now for the Nurses and their patients during the COVID-19. Then the discussion turned to the Vaccine and would you take the vaccine shot when it has been developed for COVID-19.  Nurses have a different point of view on Vaccines and question […]

Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy will be interviewing Sheila Wilson, MPH BSN R.N. and President and CEO of Stop Healthcare Violence.  The Mission for Stop Health Care Violence is to maintain the safety of all healthcare providers and their families. The Goal of Stop Healthcare Violence is to engage and empower healthcare providers to become change agents within their own organizations. Stop Health Care Violence Non-Profit strives to also increase public awareness of […]

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