Nurses in Worcester, MA Needs Your Help


Sheila Wilson R.N. BSN, MPH, Host of Whine & Cheese guest today is ER Nurse Beckett Augat

In this interview, ER Nurse Beckett Augat discusses her meeting with members of the hospital administration and MA. Nursing Assoc. (MNA)  Nurse’s Union. The nurses have sent 600 unsafe staffing forms with no response from the hospital administrations. The nurses need more staff to give good care. Their nursing ratios are too high !. The nurses have been on strike for 8 weeks. Beckett spoke that negotiations didn’t go well. When MNA asked about more staffing Members of the Hospital Administration response was they are taking back the money that was offered.  Members of the Hospital Administration don’t seem to understand what goes into taking good care of patients. Beckett also discussed the “one patient law”. If a patient comes in and is seriously ill and needs a critical care bed that patient is assigned a nurse, it is the only patient that nurse has until this patient gets stable. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Emergency room where the staffing ratios are higher.

This is an interview that the public needs to hear. This Strike is for Safe Patient Care Not MONEY as it is led to be Believe in the Media!

I hope you will listen to this important Interview concerning the Nurses on Strike in Massachusetts with Sheila Wilson and Beckett Augat: Click here to listen…

If you really want to help the Nurses from St. Vincents Hospital, please contact your Legislators in Massachusetts and express your concerns.  You really do not realize how powerful your VOICE is!!!    Help the Nurses as this STRIKe is for YOU- the patient.

Who is holding your hand when you are a patient in the Hospital?  No! it is not a Member of the Hospital Administration, No! it is not the Doctor. Who is left?  The NURSE! So let’s support the Nurse by speaking up for the Nurse and call your Legislator in Massachusetts and Call the Hospital to register your complaints.  Please use your voice and make a stand for the Nurses at St. Vincent Hospital.

This issue for the nurses is just not in Massachusetts it is all over the United States of America. There are Nurses on Strike happening in many places so this is not just one isolated Strike happening in Massachusetts.  The Publick (and that is you) Need to step up and help these Nurses.  Look, I know we are in a Health Pandemic in the United States, and the World but life still continues with problems that still have to be solved every day.

We can also, help with the family needs the Nurses are dealing with waiting for the Unemployment to start. Diapers are in great demand and many parents know just how expensive diapers are.  I am providing a Flyer with Information to help the Nurse and her/him Family with gift cards thru Amazon.  To purchase a Gift Card for the Nurses via Amazon:  Gift Card

Providing the flyer with the information on donations.  The donations will help the St. Vincents Nurses.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Whichever one you choose to help for the St. Vincents Nurses will be so greatly be appreciated.

Information for  the Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) also provides  programs for Support and Self-care to help the Nurses, please check out the programs that are available –

Also, you would be also interested in helping Sheila Wilson in her journey to help protect Nurses in the workplace, Please Join the Stop Health Care Violence page on Facebook  Please click here

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I would appreciate it if you could please share this Post for the support of Nurses. You really just never know who you will be helping until you share. There are many Nurses that are getting hurt in the hospital and need your help. Honestly, you just never know who will be helped with this information.
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We can never thank the Nurses and all the medical community for what they are doing to help us all.

Disclaimer:  This Blog does not provide medical advice, anything you hear or read here in this blog should always be discussed with your Primary Care Provider.

This is one of the longest Blogs I have done.  I thought it was important for me to provide this information to help the Nurses in the Worcester Hospital.   So I want to Thank you for staying with me and reading this blog,  I truly appreciate it.


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