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Jackie welcomes Helen Haygarth to her 14th Show. Helen is 58, a mother of 4 adult children, a granny to 3, and was born in Walton, Liverpool, UK. From a slight distance, almost remotely, Helen observes her hands and arms massaging, kneading, and healing the client’s pain and discomfort as she feels overshadowed by discarnate higher spiritual beings!

Helen is a holistic therapist qualified in a wide range of healing treatments and is part of the Federation of Spiritual Healers, UK. Helen talked of regularly seeing her beloved cat Oscar, particularly around the house, and how an aged client upon departure, pointed out loving Casper the cat in the doorway. The client was totally unaware that Casper is a second spirit cat who is part of Helen’s family. To Helen’s surprise, the client apologized for seeing the cat, whilst Helen said it was so uplifting to know that others see Casper too and that Casper and Oscar are alive in the spirit realms!

Helen believes her mother and father did the very best they could for her and loves them very much but feels she had a traumatic childhood leaving her in constant fear, so began her spiritual quest with her parents as very strong spiritual influencers, although they divorced. To summarize my understanding of Helen’s spiritual philosophy is that she believes the real ‘me’ is not the physical me but the unity of everything and the absence of everything, blended together.

I shared a parallel psychic prediction from my childhood, crying myself to sleep nightly. I feared telling my mother of my fear in case that would make my predictive fear occur. Finally, my mother learned from me that I cried in fear that my mum and/or dad would go out of my life! Soon after, awaking in tears, I had dreamt, I was the only person at my father’s funeral. Shortly after I learned my parents were divorcing and indeed my father did leave my life. Decades later I had a tearful, heart-wrenching reunion with my father, a year later, I was the only person at my father’s funeral!

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