Lillian Cauldwell Host of Cool Your Heels interview with Dawn McMillion, Author of Beyond the Bucket List.

The Release date, late Spring early Summer 2021.

Providing one of the many stories from Beyond the Bucket List:

“A true story about newlyweds in their nineties; Dan (an obstinate engineer with COPD) and Eileen (a feisty English Immigrant who develops dementia). They relish seven romantic years together in their house on idyllic Whidbey Island, WA, each making up for the frailties of the other to power through the physical and mental hiccups of getting older. And they have no problem sidestepping offers of help (and family betrayals!). They enjoy romantic adventures near and far from home and their friendships at their weekly “OMEO” Old Men Eating Out” Breakfast.”

Listen to this excellent audio interview with Lillian Cauldwell and Dawn McMillion on Beyond the Bucklist: Click here to listen…

“Details of the couple’s triumphs, frustrations, and more private snuggly moments are revealed by a jaded, witty housemate who rivals their grit and gumption: Mahi, their cat. Mahi also learns important lessons about love and friendship and shares his “Catlosophy” about relationships along the way. Dan and Eileen’s story would not be as enchanting through the eyes of a human!”

The goal of the book is to celebrate love and friendships in the last chapter of our lives (Beyond The Bucket List) and to show respect for the preferences and choices of older adults – even when it can get them into trouble.”

“The end of the book MAY include a collection of photos, texts, emails, two poems by Dan, and a racy journal entry so that readers will know the more shocking events really transpired!”


“I sincerely hope my book can bring smiles, hope, a few astonishing chuckles, and at times, serious, thoughtful reflection to readers while they get a taste of what can go wonderfully right and surprisingly wrong during this last somewhat unexamined chapter of our lives. I hold a BA in Communications with a minor in Journalism from California State University at Sacramento. I was a reporter for The Tahoe Daily Tribune in Lake Tahoe, California. I am a Certified Toastmaster and love affecting others in uplifting, meaningful ways.

To contact Dawn MacMillian: Dawn McMillion 

To contact Lillian Cauldwell for comments or suggestions: Lillian’s Email 

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