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Today’s guest is  Dr. Gregory Skomal who is an accomplished Marine Biologist, Aquarist, Scientist, Underwater Explorer, photographer, Educator, TedxSpeaker, Writer and Author of several publications and books, and a Leading Great White Shark Expert in the Country, has been a Discovery Channel’s Shark week and on National Geographic Channel, a Senior Fisheries Scientist at Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, and also works with Massachusetts Shark Research Program.

Dr. Skomal discusses how he became interested in sharks after watching the movie, ‘Jaws.’ We all saw that movie. Also in the interview, Dr. Skomal discusses how he is involved with tagging the Great White Sharks which monitors their movements, how far they travel, how rare an attack is on the East Coast, and why the Great White Sharks are important to the ocean’s ecosystem.
Both Betsy and Dr. Skomal discussed using caution when you go into the ocean.  Also, If you have a child interested in marine biology please check your local areas for any Summer Camp Programs.
We are proving the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. Skomal on Great White Sharks:
Dr. Skomal also discussed his book, The Shark Handbook available on A new book will be coming out in July, Chasing Shadows. If your child is starting a small aquarium, there are several books on how to start one.
Betsy also recommends going on  to see the various books about aquariums that Dr. Skomal has published and to Google search Dr. Gregory Skomal to see all the phenomenal work he has done and his current work.
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