Snoop’s Tale of Triumph Over Canine Dementia


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In November 2023, Bev’s 16-year-old dog, Snoop, began experiencing distressing episodes that defied a clear diagnosis. Despite multiple veterinary visits and bleak prospects of a brain tumor or kidney disease, hope emerged through a tech-enabled solution.

Desperate for answers, Bev recorded a real-time video of Snoop’s episodes, providing the veterinary with crucial insight. This led to an unexpected diagnosis: dementia. Swift medication intervention yielded remarkable results within hours, and Snoop’s episodes vanished after a few days.

This technology-assisted revelation not only spared Snoop from an untimely end but also underscored the importance of recording symptoms for accurate pet diagnoses. The takeaway: a video could be the difference between life and death for your cherished pet.

Here is Snoop’s diagnosis and recovery story.

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