Stop Health Care Violence, Looking and Feeling Fab, and Passionate World Talk Radio, joined forces to provide a day of Self Care for a Group of Nurses from the South Shore. Whitman Wellness Center in Whitman provided the venue for the Self Care day.

Self Care consisted of Massages and Facials for each nurse that signed up for the Free Self Care Day.  It was so great to make the day wonderful for the Nurses.  You had to see the nurses after their massage or facial, they were glowing.

We want to more Self Care for Nurses. so you would like to volunteer to provide self-care programs for the nurses, please contact  for more information. 

To watch this inspiring video of a group of Nurses enjoying a day of rest and beauty surrounded by people that wanted to make this day so special for them.  It was time to give back to the Nurses for all they do every day to help our loved ones that are ill.


The following individuals were part of the Self Care Day for a Group of  Nurses.

Sheila Wilson, President of Stop Health Care Violence Non-Profit

Holly Brown, Founder, and Executive Director of Looking and Feeling Fab – Non-Profit

Angela McNally -Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage, Therapist Oncology Trained

Christina Murdock- Licensed Esthetician, Licensed Massage Therapist, Oncology Trained. Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Jordan Warren  Licensed Esthetician, Oncology Trained

Donna Stadnik – Director at Looking and Feeling Fab Non-Profit

The video was created and produced by Michael Connell of BMAD Spotlight

I hope you all enjoy the video as much we all loved being part of the Self Care Day.

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