Strategies for Overcoming Yo – Yo Dieting


Before and AferToday on Betsy’s show, we have Virginia Howery, a certified Health and Wellness Coach as well as a Business Coach. Virginia shares her personal journey of struggling with weight issues and yo-yo dieting, revealing how she and her husband managed to shed over 160 pounds together. She delves into her transition into coaching, outlining the workings of her coaching program and her genuine passion for supporting others on their wellness journeys.

The conversation between Ginny and Betsy extends to the vital role of Health and WellnessBefore and After coaches in providing support, encouragement, and guidance while ensuring clients remain accountable throughout their weight loss endeavors. They also address the health risks associated with obesity, emphasizing its status as an epidemic and its correlation with long-term ailments like diabetes, heart disease, and joint complications.

Furthermore, the dialogue touches upon the intricate relationship between obesity and its impact on joint health, as well as the complexities of diabetes, including its potential link to Alzheimer’s disease dubbed “Type 3 Diabetes.” Ginny Howery invites listeners to reach out for coaching by contacting her via text or phone, mentioning their affiliation with Chatting with Betsy.

For your convenience, we are providing an audio interview in which Betsy Wurzel and Virginia Howery share their personal experiences with the challenges and successes of weight loss. Listen in to gain insights, tips, and inspiration from their journeys.   📌 Click here to listen…


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