Last weekend, the anew York Jets record dropped to 0-9, embarrassing their fan base in indefensible fashion and giving Jets fans no further responsibility to follow their team. Ownership needs to be held accountable, the same way Lions ownership was when the fan base turned on the Ford family.  If the Jets fan base can do the same, I’d applaud them, because they deserve WAY better than this! To listen to this discussion with Dan […]

Dan discusses how the NFL  players are still playing Football:  I’m is stillI’m awestruck by NFL players’ ability to properly carry out their assignments on the field in spite of a global pandemic and political strife. In the ‘60s, assassinations were splattered all over the News. In 1993 the Oilers reached the playoffs despite internal bickering and a suicide.  9/11 made NFL games an afterthought. I thought this was a different animal. Yet, we don’t […]

A little under 2 decades ago, PLaymakers aired on ESPN, exposing the dark side of life in an NFL locker room. Drug use, legal problems, and other issues plagued a fictional team…and reminded us no one on this Earth is a Saint…not even the ones in New Orleans! Join in and listen to Dan Riley: Click here to listen… Dan Riley has a Channel on Spotify.  You can subscribe to Dan’s Podcast shows on Spotify […]

Dak Prescott’s gruesome injury leaves A rusty Andy Dalton to lead Dallas’ offense this season. Want the playoffs, Andy?   Nothing but deep passes and runs should be an option on Sundays this year, because the Cowboys need to worry about running the clock out and kicking field goals to win! Join in and listen to Dan Riley talk about sports and the Dallas Cowboys:  Click here to listen… Dan Riley has a Channel on Spotify.  […]

The NFL needs to fine teams, make sure vets hold rookies accountable, and make sure it’s mostly team personnel in locker rooms because of outbreaks. The league needs to know football is the one thing we look forward to Fall Sundays and keep COVID at bay because we look forward to Fall Sundays more than ever this year with all that’s going on! To listen to Dan talk about Sunday’s and Football: Click here to […]

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