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  Dan Riley is a Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan mostly talks about School, College, and Professional Sports.  He will also discuss Political News.   Today the show is on sports and the XFL, Professional American League. My viewers have known my stance on alternate sports leagues, but I must admit I stand corrected: they force the 4 major leagues to improve their product. The XFL May fold someday, but if it leaves a […]

The Kobe Bryant tragedy isn’t about him; eight other people are gone with him. This is about nine people who left this world too soon. People with families and lives like ours. That could’ve been any of us in that helicopter!  This isn’t about sports, but human life. There was a total of 9 Individuals that lost their lives in the Helicopter Crash. The crash victims were  Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester, […]

    Dan Riley Sports Talk Show Host and Intern at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan will discuss the Pro Bowl This past Sunday, the impossible-to hype Pro Bowl will be played, with nothing at stake but the players’ health. The game has to go-period! Nowadays, it’s nothing more than a glorified pickup game, like the ones we played at Recess as kids. Only the injuries can do far worse than make Junior miss class […]

  Dan Riley is a Host on Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan shows are about sports and sometimes political discussions. Dan brings topics and what is happening in Sports and College Sports.  Dan brings great topics on the Sports World. Doctors in the NFL are investigating whether THC is an option as a painkiller for players. This makes too much sense. Look, I’m not advocating recreational use, but Marijuana use wouldn’t blow out guys’ kidneys […]

Dan Riley is Host at Passionate World Talk Radio.  Dan usually talks about Sports but does talk about other subjects. This is Dan’s opinion of the Television show called PRIMAL. While flawed, the show PRIMAL perfectly captures what the life and death struggle for survival early humans faced…at a time where we ALL feel less safe and secure than ever. Whether this show leaves a mark on the TV landscape, however, remains to be seen. […]

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