Coach Lilian Cauldwell offers Coaching and The Podcast Obstacle Course for adults updating their podcasting skills and/or learning how to podcast.

What differs in The Podcast Obstacle Course from other courses offered? Well, it is Interpersonal Skills.

What are Interpersonal Skills? It is the ability to communicate, socialize, connect, and cooperate with individuals. These “People Skills” determine how well your podcast is heard and received by your listeners.

Coach Lillian teaches the course in a group of ten over a six-week period. The program runs for 45 minutes. In the first 15 minutes, Ms. Cauldwell explains the several different parts of podcasting. The second 30 minutes is done by the students who put into action what was explained previously.  Each session will be a critique and interactive with Lillian.

As the students get more involved with this course, they may even learn more about themselves. How podcasting is more than speaking into a mick.  Podcasting is a way to present your story and how to interact with your listeners. There are so many facets to Podcasting. You can create a podcast with any subject that is close and near to your heart. Lillian Cauldwell will provide all the skills to help you in this journey of Podcasting.

At the end of the course, the student will be required to create and present three (3) podcasts live on Passionate World Talk Radio Station. You will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment once you have finished the course.

We also suggest you join the Private Facebook PageThe Podcast Obstacle Course”.  This Podcasting Page is for additional tips and podcasting how-tos.  A place where All Course Participants ask questions, interact with other podcasters, and practice in safety their newly crafted podcast.

The Podcast Obstacle Course Facebook Page provides on-demand video and audio of the current session posted on the Facebook Page, a transcript of each session, and the opportunity to intern at Passionate World Talk Radio Station. Providing the Facebook page for The Podcast Obstacle Course 

For more information on starting Dates for Podcast Training and the Fee for this training: Please contact Lillian Cauldwell.

Contact Information:

Lillian Cauldwell
Text: 484-364-1032
Facebook page: The Podcast Obstacle Course
Passionate World Talk Radio: Website

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