Today’s show “Lest We Forget” is about the Border Crisis

Lisa Skinner discusses how children were separated from their parents and after 5 years have still not reunited with their families! The complications of coming to the United States, human trafficking, the cartels, and policies.

Lillian Cauldwell discusses how parents and grandparents let their children leave for America for a chance at a better life, how children are sold into human trafficking, and put in labor camps, and how children who came with their families were separated when crossing over the border. Lillian Cauldwell suggested we remember where we came from. Children who came over to America by themselves were called  “unaccompanied child aliens” by the government! These children were often placed in foster care. Lillian Cauldwell also discussed the challenges these children face now in the present time.

Betsy Wurzel discussed how 2 members of a cartel were found to have body-piercing armor bullets in their weapons, and how fentanyl is coming over the border.  Sanctuary cities are having difficulty housing all the illegal immigrants. How immigrants are being bused and placed into hotels, and schools aren’t equipped to handle more students.  You will hear much more in this Podcast Interview with Lisa, Betsy, and Lillian:

You can listen to this Interview via the Audio attached for your convenience:

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