AlzheimersBetsy Wurzel’s guest is Alex Leff who is an emerging filmmaker, immersive theater creator, and podcast producer. In this interview, Alex discusses the documentary,” Cycle of Memory “which won “Best of The Festival at the Sunset LA Film Festival in 2022.  How he recreated his grandpa’s journey from Brooklyn, N.Y to Philadelphia, PA, and Grandpa Mel’s friend, George accompanied him on the trip, and watching George and Mel in the film is heart-touching! The original bike trip took place in the 40s!

Alex talks about how he and his younger brother Koby faced challenges in their relationship, his grandpa’s background, and keeping his grandpa’s memory alive. The cycle of  Memory also raises awareness of Alzheimer’s and shows how family members are affected by this disease.  Please go to the website to see a trailer for the film.
We are providing the Audio Interview of this discussion on what was learned on this journey for Alex and his Brother Koby:

Betsy did watch “Cycle of Memory “and she highly recommends watching this documentary which touched her deeply!
Betsy is dedicating this show in honor of Mel Schwartz’s memory.
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