Today’s guest is Dr. Jay Baruch an Emergency Room Physician, Professor of Emergency  Medicine at Brown University’s Albert Medical School, Writer, Speaker, and Author of “TORNADO OF LIFE “, A DOCTOR’S JOURNEY THROUGH CONSTRAINTS AND CREATIVITY IN THE ER.

Dr.Jay Baruch discusses the challenges of being an ER Physician such as having to tell someone about their loved one’s death, finding what the patient’s diagnosis is and what the patient is not telling the doctor! Dr.Baruch discusses Caregiver Burnout, the importance of a living will/ medical directive, and how the Pandemic affected the staffing shortages!
Dr. Baruch also discussed how being a writer helps him understand his patient’s stories!
Betsy discussed her dream of an Emergency Room for those with Dementia and if that would someday be possible!
This interview is very powerful and informative. Betsy highly recommends this book to see what an Emergency Room Physician goes through emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually!
We are providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. Jay Baruch’s discussion on the many challenges for an ER Physician.

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