For this episode of Lest We Forget today’s show is about the history of Native American Boarding Schools.

Lisa Skinner discussed in great detail why and how they were started, what their purpose was, and how the Native American children were taken from their parents, suffered different abuses, had their hair cut short or shaved off, and weren’t allowed to speak their language. The native american children were given new names! The philosophy was “Kill the Indian but save the man”.

Lillian Cauldwell discusses the “1923” series about the West, how cowboys treated people, and how the USA  was no different than the Germans when it came to bigotry. Lillian also discussed we should be very aware of what politicians say about various topics and their demeanor.

Betsy Wurzel  discussed  the video, How “The US  Stole Thousands of Native American Children .”
Betsy also discussed the Adoption Era in 1958, how children were taken from their homes, and parents were threatened with various penalties. In 1974, American Native Americans told their stories to Congress.

The Indian Child Welfare Act was formed in 77/78 to protect the children being taken away from their families. Betsy highly recommends watching this video and hearing the testimonials of people who were taken away and the traumatic effects it caused. The propaganda that was in magazines and newspapers about  Native American children not being wanted by their parents was horrible!

We must discuss these topics and have these conversations so these atrocities never happen again!

We are providing the Audio Interview on the issues for the Native Americans.

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