The importance of our Belief Systems – now more than ever

Finding Your Holy Grail helps people navigate the post-pandemic reality we now find ourselves in.

As we head into the beginning of 2021, the show takes a deep dive into key themes of living fearlessly in the post-pandemic world. Throughout January, the spotlight’s on our ability to set and achieve goals in uncertain times; and we explore the roles of fear, resilience, beliefs, and blind spots in this process.

In this episode, Dr. Mandy Simon is joined by Dr. Gordon MacMillan, the show’s co-creator, in exploring The Importance of Belief Systems in Setting Goals You Can Actually Achieve.

To listen to this discussion with Dr. Mandy Simon and Dr. Gordon MacMillan on how we can work through this pandemic with our feelings and emotions in this crazy world we are now in:   Click here to listen…

Belief systems exert a powerful influence over how we respond to any given situation or circumstance. They are passed on to us at very young ages and help us to form the identities of who we perceive we are, and how we develop into the individuals we seek to become.

Belief systems are greatly influenced by culture, religion, language, and the choices we make about how we fit into society. They define the extent of the opportunities and options that we think are available to us as we plan ahead. This is why it’s important to understand belief systems when it comes to setting goals we can actually achieve.

The Show’s Call to Action is for listeners to: 

  1. Consider how your belief systems influence your perception of the world. Make sure, you list at least 5 and identify if they are changeable or static for you. 
  1. List 5 deeply-held beliefs, or core values, which have been nurtured in you from childhood. Then decide if you have them because it was conditioning or if you are choosing to hold on to them.  
  1. Lastly, write down 5 words that you could incorporate in your everyday language to adopt a more positive, and progressive outlook on the world. Feel free to use the example we gave here as a substituting timeline for a deadline. Another example could be using language to say I feel sad instead of saying I am sad. When we say I am sad, it doesn’t give our subconscious mind the freedom to understand that we are not sad. Think about that nuance.

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