The Profound Spirituality of Our Animal Companions


Jackie enthusiastically introduces Claire Atkins, a gifted medium, psychic artist, and animal communicator on the 25th episode of Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show. Residing in Suffolk, England, Claire, aged 60, draws on her diverse experiences, including a background in London’s Selfridges. Her unique abilities include private sittings where she paints spirit guides and communicates telepathically with plants, trees, and animals.

The conversation pivots to Jackie’s belief in the enduring innocence of pets and animals. She shares her perspective on the spirit realm as a space where reunions with spirit pets occur during the sleep state, fostering an unbreakable love link that transcends time. Both hosts emphasize the spiritual elevation of animals, citing their selfless love and loyalty. The discussion extends to the global issue of homeless animals, urging compassion and adoption. Jackie and Claire advocate for providing a loving home to animals, underscoring their shared desire for companionship and safety in a world that often overlooks their profound capacity for healing and connection.

To delve deeper into the insights of Jackie Jones-Hunt and Claire Atkins, we offer an audio interview that expands on the subject of the challenges faced by all animals, particularly those eagerly awaiting adoption.

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