The Spirit’s Voice A Mediumship Performance


Jackie graciously welcomed Rachel Neate, an evidential medium, to her show, “Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic Show.” With Rachel’s diverse background as a professional soul singer and her roles as an evidential Spiritualist medium, healer, and President of the Oldham Spiritualist Church near Manchester, UK, Jackie was eager for her to share her expertise. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Jackie invited Rachel to demonstrate to listeners what it’s like to receive a short evidential reading from a medium.

In the session, Rachel astutely observed and described the physical appearance and personalities of Jackie’s departed grandmother and grandfather, bringing comfort and validation. She also conveyed a message about Jackie’s anticipated house move, affirming its likelihood through the symbol of house keys.

Rachel went on to explain the concept of shared messages in soul connections, illustrating how information intended for one person can also resonate with their soul mate. Sensing a deep connection between Jackie and her husband, Rachel felt compelled to share messages for both of them.

Acknowledging Jackie’s empathetic nature, Rachel recognized her as a person of genuine warmth and healing energy, capable of aiding others in their journey toward healing. Jackie then shared her emotional response to receiving messages from spirit animals, often moved to tears by the innocence and vulnerability portrayed, juxtaposed with humanity’s capacity for cruelty and suffering inflicted upon them.

Providing the audio interview with Jackie and Rachel on the journey of the spirit’s voice.

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