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Welcome to the Writer’s Stop! Who am I?  What do I want?  Well, my name is Elizabeth James.  I am a children’s author.  I freely admit that Elizabeth is a pseudonym – it’s partly a marketing ploy! 

As you all know, books in shops are usually displayed in alphabetical order.  If I was to write under my own name, my books would be on the floor – very few people would find them.  I studied the bookshops, haunted the children’s section, and discovered that if I use Elizabeth James, my book would be around eye level for children of the age group I’m trying to reach.

So is there a good recipe for the perfect radio show? I can’t answer that.  I can only tell you how I work. Take one hugely popular internet radio station Add a quirky producer who would love me to go live (the show is recorded)Sprinkle in a bubbly presenter who could talk to writers all-day and; add a dash of fascinating guests/ What do you get? THE WRITER’S STOP, of course!

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