There is a crisis at the Hospitals no matter what else is said

Sheila Wilson and Beckett Augat continue on with COVID 19.  How COVID 19 is affecting many areas in the hospital and beyond.  We are trying to bring more awareness to the journey these Nurses are in.   Beckett also talks about taking her second vaccine shot and how this shot is another piece of protection in her medical tool kit.  We are still in a very selfish society and don’t think of anyone else except themselves. Beckett talks about our society and how we can help each other to protect each other.

The nurses are working outside of normal and the resources are thin. The nurses are overwhelmed and are nurses leaving.  What are the solutions for helping the nurses in the wards?  It appears the hospital officials try to provide a different picture and deny that there are any issues. Listen to what is discussed on MRSA and COVID 19?  I could go on and on but it would be better for you to listen to this important discussion. The Public needs to know what is happening in the hospitals and how badly the nurses need your HELP!!!

This is not a normal practice for the Nurse on a daily basis.  Hospitals have to find solutions for the nurses instead of being bullies.  Here is an idea, maybe the hospital’s officials can give some time to help out at the ER, such as answering the phones.

Join in and listen to Sheila and Beckett talk about the many issues confronting the Nurses on a daily basis:  Click here to listen…

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Massachusetts Nurses Association also provides  programs for Support and Self-care to help the Nurses, please check out the programs that are available –

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We can never thank the Nurses and all the medical community for what they are doing to help us all.


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