Tigger brought Healing and Light to Joanne’s Life


Today, Jackie welcomes medium Joanne Ward to the 18th Jackie’s Proof Animals Have Souls and Psychic
Show. Joanne gives private readings and works in Spiritualist Churches. Joanne has a postgraduate qualification in
palliative care and worked as a nurse for 16 years in prestigious Scottish hospitals.  Joanne shared her experiences including her frequent awareness of spirit animals who telepathically and clairsentiently communicate their message through her to the animal’s human parents. Joanne described Tigger, the cat who followed her home for many weeks, arriving in her life when she was heartbroken. Knowingly and compassionately Tigger gave Joanne a great deal of love. Later, when Tigger passed away, Tigger in spirit, made himself clearly identifiable!

Joanne told me she had received my name and the title of one of my books during meditation repeatedly this past 3-4 years! We have never met. As a child, Joanne was taught communicating with those who have passed away is wrong. Jackie’s book Moses and Jesus the Shamans/Mediums, clearly shows the biblical condemnation of mediumship is based on politically orientated mistranslations that led to thousands of young women being burned and tortured in the 16th and 17th Century and still cast a shadow of misunderstanding regarding mediumistic gifts of the spirit today. I prove it was an ancient Hebrew and Jewish tradition for individuals to regularly consult the nation’s biblical prophets, judges, dream interpreters, and seers for predictions and guidance they believed originated from Yahweh. Moses and Jesus the Shamans prove countless biblical prophetic personalities, including Moses and Jesus, prophets, judges and kings were actually psychics and spiritual mediums frequently accessing predictive and spiritual guidance!

Providing the Audio Interview with Jackie Jones Hunt and Joanne Ward on how Tigger changed her life:

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