Unveiling the Profound Messages of Spirits


Jackie introduced Rachel Neate, a multifaceted personality known as an evidential medium, healer, soulful singer, and President of the Oldham Spiritualist Church. Together, they explored the profound messages spirits convey through songs and phrases, often received by mediums like Rachel. Rachel’s unique services, including “soul-to-soul connection” sessions and spiritual church gatherings, showcase the depth of these communications.

Reflecting on personal experiences, Jackie shared moments when songs mysteriously appeared in her mind, revealing hidden truths about her surroundings. From “electric avenue” signaling electrical issues in her home to discovering ivy-covered walls through a whimsical tune, Jackie’s encounters underscored the interconnectedness between spirits and everyday life.

Switching gears, Jackie delved into meditation practices with Rachel, emphasizing its importance in nurturing spiritual connections, balancing energies, and promoting mental well-being. Rachel’s insights shed light on the transformative power of meditation in grounding individuals amidst the chaos of modern life. Additionally, Rachel shared captivating anecdotes about her dog, Bambi, intuitively reacting to spiritual presences, offering glimpses into the unseen world around us.

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Rachel Neate
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