Victorian Ghost Children and Their Spirit Animals


In the 30th episode of her show, Jackie introduced her guest, Rachel Neate, an evidential medium and President of the Oldham Spiritualist Church in the vicinity of Manchester, UK. Rachel offers personal sessions, and healing services, and demonstrates proof of the afterlife in various Spiritualist Churches across the UK. Since she was three years old, Rachel has had experiences of seeing two Victorian spirit children jumping on her bed at night. When she felt pain in her legs under the covers, young Rachel attributed it to these spirit children’s antics. Seeking understanding, Rachel’s mother took her to the library to research the historical attire of these children.

During a vacation in Greece, Rachel shared her longing for her dog back in England, who usually slept on her bed. Unexpectedly, while on holiday, her spirit guides sent a variety of spirit animals to accompany her, evident by the impressions they left on her hotel bed. Jackie shed light on the Hebrew term ‘chay nephesh,’ explaining its true meaning as ‘animals have souls,’ a phrase also used about humans. She pointed out a historical misinterpretation in the Bible, which wrongly suggested that only humans possess souls, while animals and birds are merely creatures. Jackie’s book, “Moses and Jesus the Shamans,” delves into such biblical mistranslations that misrepresent mediumship and undermine the value of animal lives, all of which possess souls.

Jackie emphasized that humans, as biological entities, fall into the categories of animals, mammals, and primates, and noted that all animals and birds experience REM sleep, which can lead to nightmares, a phenomenon observed in both laboratories and slaughterhouses. She shared an insight from a medium about ancient souls supporting her work in caring for animal souls that cannot fend for themselves, with her home being a haven for five dogs. Rachel expressed the belief that before each incarnation, we choose the people and animals to accompany us on our spiritual journey or life path, and they choose us in return. This makes animals an essential part of our life’s journey. Rachel also mentioned that some animals form such a deep bond with humans that they can be considered soulmates.

We are providing the audio interview featuring Jackie and Rachel, who share their experiences with ghostly spirits and discuss the profound connection certain animals have with humans..

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