What makes an actor or actress a”Hollywood Star”



Betsy’s guest is Ty Burr a film critic, columnist, Author of 3 books, a film critic at the Boston Globe for 2 decades, was nominated in 2017 for Pulitzer Prize for criticism, and teaches courses on film and criticism at Boston University and Emerson College.

Ty Burr currently writes a film and popular culture newsletter, “Ty Burr’s  Watchlist” which Betsy highly recommends! There is a free subscription and one for a fee, information is on the website.
Betsy and Ty discussed what a film critic looks for in an Oscar-winning film and performance. Also, they discussed
what “toggling” is and how it applies to the movies. In the interview, a question I have thought about is, “What makes an actor or actress a “Hollywood Star” You will want to hear that part of the interview.  There was so much discussion about movies, and how the movie experience is changing due to streaming services. If you are interested in movies or TV reviews this is definitely for you or someone you know!
We are providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Ty Burr on Movie Stars and Movies, which I think many of us love, reading about.

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