What Patients Teach their Doctors about Life, Death


Today’s guest is Dr. David Alfery Writer and Author of “SAVING GRACE, “What Patients Teach their Doctors about Life, Death, and the Balance in Between.

Dr. Alfery served as Chief of Anesthesia, President of the Tennessee State Society of Anesthesiologists, and was a founding member of Anesthesia Medical Group, one of the largest anesthesia practices in the United States. Also, Dr. Alfery worked as a CardioThoracic Anesthesiologist for 36 years, volunteered for Operation Smile,authored10 chapters in Medical textbooks and 41 peer-reviewed articles in anesthesia medical journals, and invented several anesthesia devices for which he has been awarded 17 US and International patents!
Dr. Alfery discusses how he learned to treat patients with dignity and respect, the important lesson he learned in Medical School, and what he learned from observing a Pediatric Heart Surgeon taking his time caring for a baby who died.  Dr. Alfery also discussed how anesthesia is both an art and a science. Dr. Alfery also discusses how it is a privilege to take care of patients and Physicians should realize they are there for the patients!
We are providing the Audio Interview with Betsy Wurzel and Dr. Alfery on Patients and life and death.

Dr. Alfery will be back to Chatting with Betsy in the near future to discuss more topics concerning the book!
In Betsy’s opinion, “SAVING GRACE ” should be read by everyone going into the medical profession!
“SAVING GRACE”  is a powerful book filled with valuable life lessons from
Dr. David Alfery. A must-read!
Betsy thinks everyone should read this book and appreciate Anesthesiologists and the reviews prove that!
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