Lest We Forget-Historical is starting a new series about “Human Trafficking “.

Lisa Skinner discussed the history of slavery, the Atlantic Slave Trade, Plantations, punishments that were given to slaves, and also about Native  American Slavery!

Lillian Cauldwell discussed modern slavery, organizations that have information about human trafficking, and how to get involved. There are 168 million child laborers worldwide! Lillian discussed other statistics involving child forced labor and human trafficking.

Betsy Wurzel discussed her view on the movie, “Sound of Freedom “, what sex traffickers look for in their victims, how parents and guardians must pay attention to their children when out in public, what their children are doing on the internet, and who their children are playing games with on the internet.  The internet and technology are wonderful but can also there is a dark side!

Providing the Audio Interview with Lisa, Lillian, and Betsy on Human Trafficking:

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