What type of massage to choose for each need?

Benefits Of Massages

Until some time ago, the massage was seen only as a superfluous resource, used for the comfort of people of higher social levels. However, nowadays it is accessible to all classes and is no longer seen merely as a kind of unnecessary luxury.

The massage applied by a good professional, in its diversifications, can generate benefits for health, well being and even aesthetic improvement. If you need to get best massage experience in your life, visit https://www.blissonbliss.com/.

Aches and pains caused by day-to-day sleep, poor sleep or working, poor posture or repetitive movements can be solved in one or a few massage sessions. That way, you can recover from the pain and increase your performance in your activities or simply improve your well-being.

With the rush of our day, in addition to the pain, stress and anxiety also become our enemies. With this, massage can also be the solution to your problems!

Relaxing massages help in relieving stress and anxiety, providing a moment of respite to recharge the energies and be refreshed.

In addition to these health benefits, massage can also be a friend to aesthetic procedures. For example, get results such as measurement reduction, body modeling and retention of liquid retention.

All this, with flexible pricing of services depending on the professional, the type of procedure and the number of sections that the customer wants. Therefore, it is worth investing in massage as a problem solver in our day.


Types Of Pain Relief Massage

Shiatsu:  This type of massage is done with the fingers, elbows, palms or knees. That way, the goal is to hold pressure. It is indicated for relief of general pain, injuries, insomnia, lack of vitality, eating disorders and improvement in blood circulation.

Ayurvedic or Ayurvedic:  This massage is done with deep touches and natural products. In this way, it promotes muscle relaxation and releases toxins trapped in them and tissues, generating a detox effect. So relieving the pain and tensions.

Sueca:  Massage done with long and deep movements in the upper layers of the muscles. Its benefits include improving muscle stiffness, relieving stress, helping insomnia, anxiety, depression and resolving muscle pain.

Reflexology:  This massage focuses on the feet. This relieves pain caused by long standing periods. This provides relief for the legs and decreased feeling of heaviness and tiredness.

Sports: Massage technique that is ideal for athletes, but extends to non-sports enthusiasts as well. It aims to prevent and treat injuries. In addition, it improves flexibility and body performance.


Types Of Relaxation Massage

Reiki:  This type of massage offers basic relaxation benefits, such as stress and tension relief. But it also promises healing benefits such as wound healing, burns, PMS relief, distress, panic syndrome and depression.

Hot stone therapy:  This massage uses volcanic or sedimentary stones. Provides stress relief, relaxation of the muscles and creates a sedative sensation. In this way, it generates a recomposition of energies.

With candles: This massage aims to induce body relaxation through thermotherapy, a temperature therapy.

Thai:  This technique involves stretching maneuvers. In this way, it provides energetic benefits and improvement in mood, disposition and body relaxation.

Aromatherapy:  Uses aromas and essences to bring about the desired effect, such as emotional and mental benefits.


Types Of Massage For Aesthetic Purposes

 Lymphatic Drainage: Lymphatic drainage  massage provides the return of lymph to the lymphatic system. This decreases fluid retention and generates detoxification and elimination of bloating.

Modeler: It is made with focus on the places of accumulation of fat and aims to draw the curves. It favors the breakdown of fat, prevents sagging skin and improves elasticity, thus acting with prevention of stretch marks.

Reducer: This type of massage aims to reduce localized fat. Through this effect, it is possible to have changes in the measurements instantly and prolonged when the treatment is done weekly. A common use of this massage is to do it before events or parties, even before a trip to the pool or beach.

Lipolytic:  Similar to the shaping and reducing technique, this massage works by uniting the benefits and shaping the body contour.

Activating  dermis: Activating dermis massage is indicated for treatment against cellulite. Specific products and techniques are used to provide the reduction of cellulite.


Importance Of A Good Professional

The techniques available in the market are numerous, each with its objective function. However, in order to obtain really satisfactory results, it is essential to hire and choose qualified professionals for the service.

It is not worth choosing only considering values ​​and not quality. After all, massage anyone can do, but results, only a good professional can guarantee.

Now that we help you choose the type of massage that is ideal for your needs, we will also help you not to err in the choice of the professional. That way, you will have greater assurance to heal your needs, whatever they may be.

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