Are you in a Credit Crisis? Let me guess is that a “YES”

Credit and how it effects your life.   This interview is with Laurie Zoock- Credit Consultant

Many times we may get ourselves in a financial problem. We may have spent a little more at Christmas or over indulged in some new outfits. What ever the reason we should step back an reevaluate our financial spending.  I recommend that you contact Laurie Zoock to help educate you with tools to help you improve your credit. To show you how to get on a plan to handle your credit and spending.  We are a national that lives on credit cards and the Credit Companies loves you for that. Your spending habits are making the Credit Companies richer then they ever dreamed and that all is because of you.  How long do you want to be held hostage to the Credit Companies because of your spending habits?  Now that is a question to think about.  The interview audio is excellent and Laurie Zoock provides some good information.

Listen to this audio with Laurie Zoock.  Click here to listen…

To learn more on how you can improve your credit please – Contact Laurie Zoock  at  Credit Education
Also, you can connect with Laurie Zoock on Facebook Click here

If you have any issues on Laurie Zoock also has a show called  Fraud STOP FRAUD! Fraudsters Radio Co-Host:  See all shows here:  Fraud   Now that could be another Interview on Fraud.

Laurie is also providing a Financial TIP that maybe helpful to you.  At your Bank Setup a few accounts to handle certain items for you. Such an account for your Utility Bills  You could also setup a Car Account or a Vacation Account. Then funnel money from your main account to the accounts you have set up.  Then when monthly bills are received you can now be paid by your Utility Account or when you want to go on vacation you have the money.  You should only use the money on the accounts for what they were set up for.  Your main account will only the money in this account.  So this may help you curb your spending habits. You won’t know until you try it.

I have set up two accounts at my bank and has worked out well for me. Was it easy in the beginning  “No”  I would look to see what my main account had and that would designate if I could go out to dinner or not.  I really did not want to touch the Utility Account because I knew that it was set up for my bills. Did I cheat once and awhile “Yes” did I learn a lesson when a bill came in and Utility Account was lacking some funds “Yes.”  It took some time but it is working very well for me now.  I always check my accounts to see what transactions have been made and the balance on the accounts.   Give it a try and see how it could work for you.

Wow! a lot of instructions, but I am sure you will find all these sites very interesting and helpful.

Look it we all get into a Financial Bind but the question is do we want to change?  It is up to you.   I am trying to work on being a better spender.  I know I will only purchase something, I know I can afford to do and also do I really what the sweater.  It all comes down to choices and depends on what you think is important for you.

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