Changing her story from Stress to Bliss

Today My guest was Amy Smith she is a registered nurse, for 25 years, she worked during the pandemic, stayed with a co-worker so she wouldn’t get her family sick with covid for months.  Last November 2021 she resigned from the hospital she worked at.  Amy’s new story is Life after Nursing. 
When she was asked why she left her job, her response was, she wasn’t giving the care she signed up for.! She couldn’t give the care to the patients that she knew they needed, there was not enough staff to help. She just couldn’t stay doing poor care.

Amy spoke about her new adventure with her husband, they both spoke about what they enjoyed and that was, having a good cup of coffee, so today less than 4 months after she left her career in nursing, she is an entrepreneur in the coffee business, Roasting coffee beans! Their business is “The Coffeesmiths” Congratulations on your new adventure Amy!

Are you ready for a new start, well Amy is?  Listen to Sheila Wilson and Amy Smith on life-changing Event for Amy, Changing her story from  STRESS to BlISS. Click here to listen…

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